C3 S.r.l., which has been present in the refrigeration market for more than 25 years, is born from the matured twenty-year old experience of the company Cerato F.lli S.N.C., existing still now.

We pride ourselves in our ability to closely follow our clientele enabled by our fifteen expert workers, two founding partners and management at our subsidary in Saluzzo in 88 Via Torino.

The company is made up of many different types of clients from butcher shops, cold cut shops, delis, food and grocery shops, slaughterhouses, cheese shops, bakeries, etc. as we can satisfy any need when it comes to refrigeration.

Several of our products include:

  • refrigerating cabinets for normal and low temperatures;
  • rooms and working locations for food products;
  • cabinet caulking services for vehicles with cooling compressors;
  • exhibitors, windows, counters and refrigerator cabinets;
  • air conditioners.

It is looked after by the company in order to meet the demands of the customers and therefore is able to provide them with products most adaptable to their needs.

  • C3 Srl: Industrial Refrigerations
  • C3 Srl: Industrial Refrigerations